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Application Reports

Application Reports

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Read here for yourself what our customers report about their practical experiences.

Application Report U. S. Vanadium

Precise steam regulation in the production of extremely pure vanadium oxides

Almost 200 years ago, the Swede Nils Gabriel Sefström discovered a new element. Inspired by the rich colouring of its chemical compounds, he called it “vanadium” after Vanadís, the Scandinavian goddess of beauty. Today, the world’s purest vanadium compounds are manufactured on an industrial scale by U.S. Vanadium. Sliding gate valves help to reach and maintain the optimal process temperature.


Application Report - Rhodius Mineralquellen

Control valves with IO-link increase plant availability

Investment in future-proof technologies is an absolute necessity for sustainable action and for ensuring top product quality. RHODIUS Mineralquellen therefore consistently invests in IO-link-capable devices. A state-of-the-art tunnel pasteuriser has now been retrofitted with control valves from Schubert & Salzer with IO-link-capable positioners.


Application Report thyssenkrupp AT.PRO tec

Revolutionary oxygen impulse technology for steel production

thyssenkrupp AT.PRO tec GmbH is well known for the development of the sequence impulse process. When used on cupola furnaces, it considerably increased their cost-effectiveness in the past. In over 10 years of development work with Schubert & Salzer as their partner, Dr Rainer Klock and the team at AT.PRO tec succeeded in getting the SIP technology to work on blast furnaces, too, with the help of sliding gate valves. The story of a researcher on the way to becoming a plant manufacturer.


Application Report Veolia Water Technologies

Sliding gate valves are optimising Belgium’s largest facility for RO water purification

Veolia Water Technologies has built an ultra-modern plant to produce drinking water in Ostend, Belgium. In a multistage filtration process, the local water supplier is now producing drinking water of excellent quality – far above the statutory requirements. At critical points of the process – during reverse osmosis, filtration with activated carbon and remineralisation of the water – sliding gate valves made by Schubert & Salzer Control Systems are responsible for regulating pressure and flow rate.


Application Report Eval Europe NV

Sliding Gate Valves improve Chemistry Park Steam Filter Station

Kuraray is one of the world's leading suppliers of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymers (EVOH), which, for example, provide multi-layer food packaging with a better barrier layer. The steam required for the manufacture of EVOH in the Antwerp Chemicals Park, the location of the Kuraray subsidiary Eval Europe, is provided by a central energy plant. Kurt Hellemans, Senior E&I engineer at Eval Europe, installed the first DN250 sliding gate valves in the steam filter station. After years of experience with the sliding gate valves, he now draws a balance.


Application Report DEVEX Verfahrenstechnik

Cannabis Extraction is based on a Precise Controlling of Cryogenic Temperature Hygiene Processes

The company DEVEX Verfahrenstechnik in Warendorf has taken a decisive step in the direction of extracting cannabis oil with the development of the CryoEXS plant. This makes it possible to extract cannabis oil from hemp and then filter it, connect an ethanol retrieval system, and then refine it in a final step by deploying decarboxylation. Sliding gate valves and aseptic seat valves from Schubert & Salzer provide the highest degree of control precision – even within the sensitive cryogenic temperature range.


Application Report Brüder Unterweger GmbH

Production in traditional natural oil distillation increased more than ten-fold

The traditional East Tyrolean company Brüder Unterweger GmbH has been distilling essential oils for natural cosmetics for more than one hundred years. The highly complex distillation process had to be drastically expanded and made more efficient so that the increasing demand could be met. The control and shut-off valves from Schubert & Salzer Control Systems had an important role to play.


Application Report Van Drunen Farms

Valve Replacement Optimises Freeze-Drying Productivity

Simpler and faster commissioning, approx. 15% reduction of the cycle time, considerable productivity increase as a result and substantially less downtime – these were the results gained by one of the world’s largest supplier of freeze-dried products, Van Drunen Farms (USA), by simply switching from ball valves to the 7010 angle-seat on-off and 7020 control valves from Schubert & Salzer.


Application Report Avery Dennison

In Touch with Adhesion

In the polymerization of adhesives, the level of precision of the valve technology plays a key role. For this reason, the new Avery Dennison reactor uses the ATEX-certified ball sector and sliding gate valves from Schubert & Salzer.


Application Report Dow Chemical

Robust segment disc valves also contribute significantly to availability of industrial power plants

At its production site in Stade, the US-American company Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) operates a state-of-the-art gas and steam turbine power plant which produces not only power but also thermal energy which is necessary for operating the chemical plants. Due to power/heatcogeneration, efficiency rates of more than 80% can be reached.


Application Report Elsta

Dutch thermal power station reduces cavitation damage via the utilisation of Schubert & Salzer sliding gate valves

ELSTA, a joint venture between Delta, Essent and the American company, AES, is one of the most environmentally-friendly thermal power stations on Earth. Compared to older power stations of the same design, ELSTA has a very impressive 75 % efficiency and consequently, makes a significant contribution to reducing CO2.


Application Report Braas

Construction materials industry uses robust control valve in order minimise operating costs

For three years, a ball sector valve has been used beneath the mixer cone at the Braas production facility in Mainburg. Initially, the rapid delivery times and low investment costs were crucial factors in terms of the conversion.


Application Report BMW

Sliding gate valves optimise the process reliability of light metal die casting

In low pressure die casting, e.g. light metal engine blocks, the casting machines are filled by pressurising the furnaces. This requires highly precise pressure control along defined pressure curves in order to be able to produce a high quality casting and, for example, to prevent the metal pillars from moving around in the mould. In each case, BMW replaced the pressure control previously used for this purpose in its Landshut light metal foundry with a single sliding gate valve from Schubert & Salzer Control Systems.


Application Report Paulaner

Maintaining a constant flow of beer

Since 2010, leading festival tent operators have converted to central beer supply systems at the Munich Oktoberfest.


Application Report Apollo Tyres

Precise steam pressure control at Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres South Africa’s Durban plant had been experiencing steam flow control issues on the steam feed into the bladders on their truck tyre presses during the shaping sequence of the tyre curing process.


Application Report Munich Airport

Sliding gate valves optimise airport’s power plant

Sliding gate valves have excellent control characteristics. Munich Airport’s power plant now also benefits from these inherent advantages, as the existing gas flow butterfly valves of two diesel gas pilot ignition (duel fuel) engines were replaced by sliding gate valves.


Application Report Hongta Tobacco & Palmaju Edible Oil

The sliding gate valve reins in costs for steam systems

The level of quality attainable in controlling a steam plant is heavily dependent on the dynamic characteristics of the total system comprising the control element, actuator and controller.


Application Report PVS Chemicals

Producing dilutions with a tolerance of only 0.02 %

PVS Chemicals Belgium relies on the control precision and media resistance of the sliding gate valve.


Application Report Continental

Great Prospects for Tire Curing Presses with modern valve technology

Production plants for tires place extremely high demands on valves. Tire curing presses work at high pressures of steam, water, and nitrogen, as well as at high temperatures.


Application Report Flensburg Brewery

Convincing in all respects

Sliding gate valves are firm favourites in Flensburg Brewery's supplier list.


Application Report Eichbaum Brewery

Steam systems efficiency optimised by control elements

Eichbaum Brewery replaces boiler room seat valves with sliding gate valves.


Application Report Ara Flos

Air in Homeopathic Doses for Microorganisms

The management of the Flos sewage treatment plant in Wetzikon places a high value on innovation coupled with efficiency.


Application Report Papermill Grünewald

Control paper grammage weights precisely

The Grünewald company with headquartes in Hofolpe in the southern part of the Sauerland region has modernized its process control.


Application Report Novelis

Sliding gate valves excel in aluminum rolling mill

Reliable leak-tightness despite suspended particles and fast response times as cost factors.