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Globe Valves

Customized conventional valve technology with zero leakage

Globe valves icon Globe valves by Schubert & Salzer

Globe valves are available in two categories, conventional and angle globe.  Conventional valves are integrally flanged meeting ANSI and DIN dimensional specifications.  Angle globes offer high flow capacity along with bubble tight shutoff reducing the need for isolation to the process.  These control valves feature integral top mount integral positioners; pneumatic, analog and digital.  Motor operators are also available for both on/off and positioning control.  Sizes available are 1/4″ through 3″.  Control valves are 316 stainless steel and on/off motorized versions are also available in bronze construction.

Three-way valves offer a variety of functions within various designs including diverting and mixing applications. These range of valves are highly precise and utilize Schubert & Salzer’s software utilization package deviceconfig.

Globe Valves

Angle seat valves: angle seat valves in the form of stop and control units offer a particularly compact construction and perform a very high number of switch cycles. In its many versions, the construction of the valve gives a highly efficient flow rate and can even be used in lightly contaminated media.


Flange valves: in larger sizes, flange valves are easier to remove from pipelines than screwed valves. This range is supplied to various connection standards as angle and straight flanged seat valves.


Three-way valves: depending on its design, the three-way valve can perform a variety of functions: it can mix and distribute media flows or charge and discharge an operating component (e.g. a pressure cylinder). It is installed in a pipeline by threaded connections.



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