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The processing of metals is a tough business: bending, pickling, heating and cooling of materials, heat treatment of steels, surface treatments and at the same time maintaining a high-quality surface finish – these are just some of the demands Schubert & Salzer’s valves overcome every day in many metal processing operations. It must be guaranteed that valves operate smoothly in hot ambient conditions and harsh environments. But it is not just heat resistance that is a determining factor, as in metal processing quite often aggressive media are involved which the installed valves must also withstand.

Our angle seat valve has particularly proven itself. As an extremely versatile valve, it copes easily with millions of switching cycles, high temperatures and even aggressive media. Besides the angle seat construction, the seat valve is also available in right-angle, flanged and angle seat flanged body versions. Available with a variety of connection options (from socket weld, threaded and flanged connections, through Tri-clamp fittings), this seat valve can be employed in various operations. Also, there is a choice of various types of actuation: pneumatic, motor-driven or manually-operated.

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The motorized version of the Schubert & Salzer angle seat valve is used, for example, for metering the nitrogen in inert furnaces, where the gas is applied to the metal surface, or for metering cooling air in galvanizing facilities. Angle seat valves are also used for steel pickling where the effluent water needs to be processed. Another application is in the regulation of air flow in filtration plants when it is necessary to reduce the amount of fine dust from steel processing.