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Compact positioners in analog and digital versions.

Positioners by Schubert & Salzer

The analog and digital versions of Schubert & Salzer compact positioners can be combined with all Schubert & Salzer pneumatic valve actuators. Integrating the "top-mounted" positioner into the valve actuator means that no moving parts, such as the stroke return, are freely accessible. This increases operational reliability and resets the valve position without backlash.

2-/4-wire versions:
Schubert & Salzer positioners are available as 2- or 4-wire versions for linear and rotary actuators. They have standardized, analog signal voltage and current input (0/4-20 mA; 0/2-10V) or IO-Link communication.

Ex and FM Versions:
For applications in potentially explosive atmospheres, Schubert & Salzer positioners are available with ATEX 2014/34/EU approval and FM certification (Factory Mutual Approvals) for Class I, Division 1 or Zone 0 intrinsic safety circuits or for Class I Division 2 nonincendive circuits.

Positioners Schubert & Salzer

Advantages of the type 8049 positioner

High precision

Minimal hysteresis

Low compressed air consumption

Integrated process controller as an option

Complete version in stainless steel

Ex- and FM Version

IO-Link version

Can be extended with feedback modules

Integrated installation “top mounted”

Backlash-free stroke return

Smart positioner with IO-Link

With the optional IO-Link, valves with smart positioners can provide extensive status data, which, along with predictive maintenance planning, also significantly facilitates fault analysis and commissioning, for example.

Predictive Maintenance
The ability to centrally monitor and evaluate, by IO-Link, available status data facilitates the predictive planning of maintenance measures.

Faster troubleshooting
Anomalies and deviations in control behavior can be identified sooner and are easier to trace back to their cause. Physical access to the device is not necessary.

Simple commissioning and replacement
The standardized connection cable with an M12 plug comprises the positioning signal, position feedback, data transmission and even the power supply. The coded connectors not only significantly reduce the required cabling effort, but also technically rule out wiring errors in valves with IO-Link positioners. Replacement positioners of type 8049 automatically adopt the previously used configuration and are immediately ready for operation after a self-calibration.

DeviceConfig – Practical software for self-adaptation and diagnostics

The "DeviceConfig" configuration and diagnostics software gives you control over all models of 8049 digital positioners. Alongside the quick and easy positioner parameterization, the software provides access to valuable diagnostic data for error analysis or process optimisation, such as the operating hours, the valve travel to date, the number of switching operations of the pulse valves and temperature and travel class detection. DeviceConfig also provides a PDF export of maintenance data and settings. A split-range configuration and the trip points of the limit switches can be set individually.

The software connects to the positioner via a separately available USB connector.

More about DeviceConfig

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