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Customized solutions and accessories

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Customized solutions and accessories

In many systems, processes demand connecting multiple valves for different media so that they can together carry out a special process function. A connection system well-known from the field of hydraulics and adapted to the respective application, allows for the intelligent combination of several valves in a customer specific manifold. All necessary connections between the individual process valves are integrated in the manifold. On the customer side, connections for hydraulic fluid input and output in the desired number are available depending on the requirement. Manifolds can be manufactured either completely from stainless steel or solid carbon steel with threaded valve seats. Additional pressure and temperature sensors can be integrated at any time. The manifolds are developed and manufactured individually according to your P&I diagrams.

Accessories include limit switches, stroke limiters, manual overrides, our robust strainers and check valves as well as PID controllers, i/p converters, pilot valves and boosters.

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