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Apr 2022 | New: Globe valves type 7017 and type 7027

With the new types 7017 and 7027, Schubert & Salzer's range now includes two globe valves for regulating and shutting off media ranging from neutral to highly aggressive. In a stainless-steel version with nominal sizes from 1/2" to 2", the two valve types are suitable for a wide temperature range from -22 °F to +392 °F (optionally -148 °F to +428 °F) and for nominal pressures up to 580psi. The straight seat design enables a highly efficient and very simple isolation of the valve itself as well as the welded-on pipeline.

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Dec 2021 | New Brochure – Your Partner in Mining

In mining, there are a multitude of demanding applications where Schubert & Salzer valves show their strengths. They control, for example, air in flotation cells, gases in coals seam gas extraction or MIBC on concentrators, and achieve particularly long service lives with wash water in gold or copper mining, but also with abrasive media such as coal dust or ore slag.

Find out which valves are particularly suitable for the various applications in mining and which advantages come with them in the new PDF brochure "Schubert & Salzer - Your partner in mining".

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Nov 2021 | New sliding gate control valve type 8621, designed in accordance with ASME standards

With the new type 8621, Schubert & Salzer combines ASME standards for the first time with sliding gate technology. It is the first sliding gate control valve not to be built in wafer design, but instead on the basis of ASME B16.34 incl. a flange connection according to ASME B16.5. Sliding gate valves can now be selected with a standardized overall length according to ANSI ISA 75.08.01; plant operators  can quickly and simply replace traditional globe valves by much more efficient valves with sliding gate technology.

In comparison with globe valves, users of sliding gate valves benefit from critical advantages, such as minimal consumption of energy due to small actuation forces and fast response due to small strokes. Other features are the controllability of high differential pressures with small actuators, low-noise and cavitation-insensitive operation as well as high variable Cvs/Kvs values (you can find out more about sliding gate technology here).
The new sliding gate control valve type 8621 is the first Schubert & Salzer valve to be produced not only in Germany, but also in the USA at our location in Concord, North Carolina.

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Oct 2021 | Schubert & Salzer INC starts production

Schubert & Salzer Inc. was founded over 20 years ago in Concord, North Carolina as a strategic hub of the Schubert & Salzer Group. Since then, a strong network of sales reps and regional offices has been successfully established, delivering quality products made in Germany to customers in North and South America.

This success prompted us to expand the expertise and capacities of the subsidiary. In order to be able to offer our customers an even faster and more comprehensive service, the production of a new product line has now started in Concord. This was designed by an international team of developers in accordance with ASME standards especially for the American market.

Over the entire planning process up to the present day, products, logistics and manufacturing specialists from the Schubert & Salzer Group have been supporting the still-young production with expert know-how. This ensures that our high quality standards will be maintained in the future also: "Schubert & Salzer – Quality products made in the USA".

Apr 2021 | New, compact sliding gate valve with diaphragm actuator

Our developers said to themselves, "It could be even more compact". The result: A sliding gate valve (GS) with impressively reduced dimensions and weight – type 8028. Due to the new 80-mm diaphragm actuator, the type 8028 GS1, for example in DN100, with an installation length of just 487 mm, is another 50 mm shorter than the already compact GS valve with piston actuator. In terms of control accuracy, the GS type 8028 is in no way inferior to its big brother, the type 8021, and impresses with a rangeability of 80:1. For the high control quality of the GS valves, their very good response behaviour is particularly decisive. Very short reaction times at the highest resolution are achieved due to small actuator travels, low moving loads and low actuation forces. With the new type 8028 valve, modern plant installations designed with increasingly smaller dimensions also enjoy the benefits of sliding gate technology.

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