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Water treatment

Water is the essence of life, and without clean stable water resources we cannot survive. In times of global water shortages water treatment technologies play a vital key role for the future of mankind.

Water treatment technologies hold a number of applications for Schubert & Salzer valves. A typical application would be the control of O2 at sewage water aeration basins as well as the control of O3 for flotation processes.
Both Schubert & Salzer sliding gate valves and our compact angle seat valve solutions have proven themselves, with widely ranging actuator options.

In reverse osmosis precise control valves are required especially when high pressures need to be controlled to press the water through membrane filters. The sliding gate valve with its low actuation force requirements is ideal for those applications.

Our angle seat valve is an ideal match for shut-off purposes in all these applications, available in any specific configurations suitable for O2 or specific chemicals.
Schubert & Salzer valves are also suitable for potable water service. For water treatment in food & beverage or pharma applications also the Schubert & Salzer asceptic right angle control valve is a great option.

The compactness, easy maintenance and low energy consumption of sliding gate valves make them ideal for installations on mobile, container or skid based water treatment packages.