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Textile industry

The production of colorful and fashionable clothing but also engineering textiles is a complex process. Whether in processing of yarn, bleaching, dyeing, washing or finishing processes, the precise dosing of dyestuff, chemicals or control of steam and water plays an eminent role. Schubert & Salzer angle seat and sliding gate valves have been reliable fixtures in the industry for decades with millions of cycles in high temperatures or with aggressive fluids. Their modularity and compactness make them suitable for a wide range of applications like dyeing machines, color kitchens, chemical dosing, finishing, etc.
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Heat is required to get the dye to adhere properly to the yarn or fabric. Generally, the heat transferring medium is hot steam. The precise control of temperature via steam is carried out by control valves like Schubert & Salzer's sliding gate control valve. Often the same valve is also used to control water for cooling after the dyeing process. Dosage of dyestuff requiring extreme precision is also possible with the sliding gate valve. Sliding gate valves provide a seal by the metallic pairing of discs with overlapping slots, reinforced by the backing of its own operating medium. Users appreciate in particular the substantially lower energy consumption due to the short stroke and the optimal flow control. With their compact construction, sliding gate valves are also very maintenance friendly. An overview of all features of this valve series can be found by clicking here.

Inside commercial laundries where textiles which are ready to use are wrinkled or ironed, Schubert & Salzer’s shut-off and control valves are used. Large-scale industrial plants use our Type 7078 pinch valves for metering detergents, as well as shut-off and control valves for dealing with wash water and controlling the temperature of the process.