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DeviceConfig – Set parameters and run diagnostics at the press of a button

With the “DeviceConfig” software you can set the parameters for the 8049 positioner (Ex, 2-/4-conductor) and the 2030 and 2032 motor actuators from Schubert & Salzer in just a few simple steps and then obtain valuable diagnostic data for optimization of your process.

To make setting and changing the parameters for the valve characteristics easy, the software contains a separate setup file for each type of valve. The file can then be easily loaded into the software and then downloaded to the positioner or actuator. It allows you to adjust the accuracy, and for motor actuators even the control and/or actuation speed.

In addition, the program provides important diagnostic data for quick and easy troubleshooting. For example, this data can be used in combination with individually configured notification settings so you can initiate the processes required for maintenance of the valve before problems occur.

The software is connected to the device using a USB connector or Bluetooth module (available separately, only for the 8049-4, 2030, and 2032).

Configurations Software (DevConfig 7.5.0)
Format: exe (set-up file)
User-Passwort "0000"
File size: 25,2 MB

Overview of all functions:

Diagnostic information:
DeviceConfig provides a variety of useful diagnostic data for quick and easy troubleshooting or for control optimization. Among other values, you can read the hardware and software version of the connected device, e.g. the total number of hours of operation, the total operating time, the previous valve travel, or the number of switching operations of the pulse valves.
Due to the acquisition of the temperature and way classes (corresponds to the amount of time in defined temperature and stroke ranges), valuable data for optimizing the control is generated. This data can serve as a basis for changing the nominal size and/or the Kvs/Cvs value of the valve.
Furthermore, the software contains numerous additional diagnostic functions such as live monitoring of the signal stability and the control response of individual valves. They can be viewed after starting the program in the “Demo mode”, for example.

PDF export of maintenance data and settings:
All maintenance data and settings of the connected positioner or motor actuator can be exported to a file in the PDF format for troubleshooting or maintenance purposes or for long-term to documentation and storage purposes.

Split range setting:
Using DeviceConfig, it is possible to set the parameters of two devices so that they receive a common control signal and operate as a unit. The parameters of the corresponding valves can then be set so that they interact, e.g. for temperature control or for even higher control qualities.

Bluetooth connection with up to 255 devices:
Up to 255 devices can be read out wirelessly via  Bluetooth (8049-4, 2030, and 2032 only). Using the auto-detect function, all compatible positioners and motor actuators in the surrounding area are displayed. A unique name can then be assigned to each device and used to communicate with each device individually.

Switch point setting for limit switches:
When using positioners with the RM4 feedback module or the 2032 motor actuator, you can set the switch points of the limit switches in DeviceConfig.

Demo mode:
The Demo mode available in the program allows you to test and/or preview the software even when it is not connected to a positioner or motor actuator.

User privileges:
Using the default user groups defined in the system, users of the software can be granted read-only privileges or read and write privileges.